This is why Wagons Rock

Seriously 95% of my life in San Luis Obispo fit in the back. If I had cross bars and a roof basket or box I could have fit everything on my own. Thankfully one of my buddies with a wagon too is helping grab the other 5% and then we can ditch the Audi in Long Beach and I can get the Corvette.

Now if only this was a 2010 RS6 Avant instead of a 2004 A6 3.0 Avant Quattro

C6 RS6 Avant: Power: 580 hp @ 6250 rpm. Torque: 479 lb-ft @ 1500 rpm

C5 A6 Avant Q: Power: 220 hp @ 6300 rpm. Torque: 221 lb-ft @ 3200 rpm

This one for sale for 29,900 € or $33,450.03. That is a LOT of car for the price, especially when you consider msrp started at 105,550 €.

The best color
My prefered black leather and alcantra

The perfect “dad mobile”. I mean the Avant I have is so sudate looking and really this is too, but with that engine makes it the perfect sleeper.Even more so after the APR tune (requiring no upgrades) making 665 hp and 716 tq. Fucking damn. Or this MTM model I found making 740hp

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