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Police say multiple vehicles at the Pittsburgh Auto Show were damaged over the weekend.

Officers were sent to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center around 11:30 a.m. Sunday for a report that several cars had been damaged.

According to police, at least nine vehicles of different makes and models were damaged. The damage included slashed tires and car seats, small dents, chipped paint and scratches.

Investigators say it’s “all clear acts of vandalism.”

Police, officials from the convention center, and representatives from the dealerships affected are going over surveillance footage, but haven’t found anything useful yet.

Police tell KDKA that criminals targeted at least nine vehicles, and show officials think it happened sometime on Saturday afternoon.

More than half of the Mitsubishi cars on the floor incurred some sort of damage, according to John Putzier, CEO of the Pittsburgh Automobile Dealers Association.


The damaged cars will be returned to their respective manufacturers, repaired, and sold at a discount.

Among the cars taking a hit — Ford, Suburu and Buick — but the biggest victim was Jim Shorkey Mitsubishi.

But Saturday was hardly a great day as Shorkey Mitsubishi in North Huntingdon suffered the most vandalism at the Convention Center.

Six of their seven vehicles on display were vandalized, says General Manager Sean Rattigan.

An ex-employee with an ax to grind? Bored and stupid kids? Random dickheads? Who knows.

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