Dying: Mexico GP.

Apparently the Mexico GP might be under threat... and it isn’t because it’s a bad event.

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On the contrary, the Mexico GP is a fan and driver favorite. The tough conditions, the fans bursting out of the stands, and the historic track add up to a fantastic event. But the reason it might be in the chopping block is money.

When Obrador and Sheinbaum entered office, as President and Mayor of Mexico City respectively, they announced that the 21 million dollar subside given to F1 every year would seize to be. It’s OK.


The Mexican GP has proven to be a worthy event, leaving behind six to eight times more money than it costs the government. Such a profitable event shouldn’t need assistance from the government to exist. But then again, this is a bit like the Amazon HQ2... but international.

The contract to run the GP expires this year, and something tells me that either the government is gonna cave, and give F1 a big fucking tax break on a very profitable event, or they’re not gonna cave and F1 is not gonna come back...Which would be horrible for tourism to Mexico City.


Anyway... I don’t really care about F1... but I’m sure as shit it shouldn’t be subsided by the government. Even if it wins best event four years in a row.

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