Posted from a local toy4wd group;

This guy recently imported this jdm 87 fj62 firetruck; He’s been waiting months to get it and has been finding parts and gear to get it all tip top;


From his post;

Well, at this point I’m pretty certain I’m cursed when it comes to owning vehicles I like. Parked my truck on the street out front my buddies house while I was there visiting. I was there for less than an hour and we heard a loud noise outside followed by a grinding noise, go outside and find that somebody slammed into my parked truck hard enough to shunt it 20' down the street

Pretty sure that’s totalled, at least the fire tray is written off-if the frame is not. Good luck finding fire truck parts to fix it. Best case scenario is the frame is ok and you can still go full expo and add a tray to whatever you are left with.

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