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This is why we only have one car each...

Just back from transferring the registration of both of our vehicles from Victoria to New South Wales. This is in Australia.

As part of the process, both vehicles needed what is called, colloquially, a Blue Slip. It’s essentially a certificate of inspection to say that the vehicle is roadworthy - only unregistered or out of state vehicles need it. $90 each. (Next year all they need is a Pink Slip for renewal)


Next we need a Green Slip. This is a certificate that shows the vehicle is insured for third party personal injury in the case of an accident. It’s compulsory. The thing about NSW is that it is not provided by the State at a set rate (like in Victoria). Rather it is provided via your chosen insurance company. The final fee is dependent on the vehicle, the driver, the vehicle’s garaging address and a number of other factors. The Green Slip for the MY2000 Subaru SF Forester...$533.56. The Green Slip for the MY2001 Volkswagen T4 Transporter...$435.34.

Then we get to the actual registration fees. For both vehicles, this is set at $65 each.

After that there is a Motor Vehicle Tax which is based on the tare weight of each vehicle. Essentially it’s dry weight as opposed to its maximum load capacity. The Forester, with a tare weight of 1315 kilograms, fits into the second lowest category and is charged $299. The heavier T4 goes up a couple of notches with a tare weight of 1850 kilograms and is charged $457.

The final fee is a one off bill for new licence plates which was $45 each. Personalised plates would attract a larger one off fee plus a recurring annual fee around $145...so screw that.


Total cost Forester...$1032.56. Not bad for a car we would struggle to get more than a grand out of by selling it. Even after we spend another $800 putting new boots on it next week.

Total cost Transporter...$1092.34. My Victorian rego last year cost me less than $600...


So a smidge over $2,100 plus all the running around time. And we get to do it all again this time next year...

This is why we don’t own more cars.

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