This is a rant. Colorful words enclosed. If this offends your sensibilities, I recommend not clicking this article.

This is a break.

Just how the fuck do you expect to run a company on pirated software?! Not a single god damned system has a single genuine application. Your fucking "server" is filled to the brim with malware, spyware, and every fucking thing ever posted to pirate bay, ever. You really wonder why it crashed? You don't understand why I'm sitting here, twiddling my fucking thumbs, staring at a black screen? You can't comprehend why, after I told you a thousand god damned times, nothing is working? Here is a hint: your shitty ass business practices of stealing every motherfucking thing and hiring, literally, society's castaways is ruining you. Your data is compromised and you refuse to let me do a single fucking thing about it. I've been telling you, since the day I started, that this was coming. Well, you didn't listen and this is your payment. No, I'm not going to fix it. My wages, on par with any McDonalds' shift lead, is just not enough for me to put up with your Mickey Mouse bullshit operation.

Keep running this way. It'll keep biting you in the ass, in increasingly worse fashion, until you are either no longer able to operate or are sued into oblivion. I am fucking done. You hired me to clean up your technology. To maintain your systems and ensure their scalability for your projected growth. Well, when you refuse to heed my warnings, ignore my requests and do the exact opposite of what is proper, there is no growth. This is proven. Your workforce has shrank. Your prospective clients, after seeing the atrocity that is your call center, fled as quickly as their tailored suits would allow. Now shit has hit the fan because you refuse to pay for software. I warned you, bro. I fucking warned you about this.

I am leaving. You have failed to deliver on your promises. This is not me, it is you. You did not learn from the last time we worked together, and it will be your undoing. It may or may not be by my hands. I am not necessarily sorry. My employment is only continuing because the wages you deem "appropriate" for this job leaves me no choice. I am interviewing. I may not give you notice of my departure.