Before leaving for vacation, I thought it would be a good idea to start up the truck and move it over to the space where I normally park the car. Great idea. The truck hasn’t been started in several weeks, so I thought it might be a bit slow to start. To my surprise, it fired up with little fanfare. This was just a dirty trick. The real surprise was what happened next.

I stepped on the brake and clutch, releasing the parking brake at the same time. When both pedals dropped to the floor and the truck started rolling backwards, I am ashamed to admit I had a moment of panic. I didn’t want to dump the clutch and risk jumping the truck through the garage door, so going for the parking brake was out. I kept pumping the brake in the vain hope of getting some pressure and stopping the truck. I finally dumped the clutch while in first gear to keep from rolling into the neighbor’s yard. I was fortunate there wasn’t any cross traffic.

I went ahead with my plan and drove the truck into the other parking space. Since I had calmed down, it was a relatively simple affair to ease it into place and set the parking brake before rolling backward. But the truck wasn’t through with me yet.

As I got out of the truck, I felt something stabbing me on the finger. It took a moment for the pain to sink in, but once it did, I realized that a wasp had buried its stinger in my finger for the second time. I started shaking my hand to get the wasp off. It took a moment, but the message finally made it to my feet and I made a beeline to the house.

After taking care of the finger, I fetched the wasp spray and worked up the courage to go back outside. I spotted a couple of wasps hanging out at the fender/door gap and I shared a judicious amount of wasp spray with them. I did my best to create the wasp version of Noah’s flood in the gap, but I only had one can of spray. No matter, it took care of the problem.


So now I have an old truck parked in the wrong spot with a dead wasp nest (possibly live ones too) and a faulty brake system just waiting for me to return from vacation. Not what I want to go home to. Beach, anyone?