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This is Why You Pull Over After a Flat Tire

You have a flat/blowout. Your options are:

1) Pull over immediately if safe to do so

2) Move to the right and drive slowly until you can pull over into a safe area

3) Keep driving at highway speeds until the next exit

Okay, so her options to pull over in a construction zone may have been slightly limited and she was in the far right lane with her hazards on. She's got that part down. Unfortunately, she missed the most important part of Option 2: slow down. Instead she continued at near highway speeds and completely failed to notice when the majority of her tire came off.


This cost her more than a tire swap.

After the folks shooting the video informed her that the wheel was on fire, the most she does is muster up "Sorry Guys!", locks the van, and casually strolls away. She's nowhere to be seen in the rest of the video.

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