A most (if not all) of you already know that purchasin a new vehicle can be quite the ordeal. After all the cross-shopping, research, and dealing with annoying sales people, you finally narrow it down to the perfect vehicle. Now how will you pay for it? Financing, leasing, or cash purchase?

The reality is that most people do not have the means to outright purchase the vehicle on the spot, so the majority of consumers finance or lease their vehicles. This means dealing with the manufacturers financial head office, as they are the ones who calculate interest rates on the vehicles, residual values, and withdraw money from your account every month.

The problem is that they can be quite frustrating to deal with, yet you are in contact with them for usually 3-5 years (or even longer with up to 8 years in financing nowadays!). Communication problems can exist on both ends, or their policies don't exactly line up with what you think should be happening.

This is your chance to change how consumers communicate and finance/lease their vehicles globally from automakers' financial head office.

I work for a major manufacturers' finance head office and they recently announced a competition that asks for our ideas and input to them them grow and service their customers better. the announcement states that they "look ahead to the future". More specifically thay ask "How can we take advantage of new trends in technologies and grow our market share? in particular, what will characterize the customers of the future? what will their needs be, and which services will they expect?"

Who better to ask than Jalopnik, a community dedicated o the growth and success of the automobile industry?


There are three main categories that they are looking for idea in:

1) Digital Customer Contact

2)Sustainability and Efficiency

3)Flexible Mobility Services

So what kind of things are consumers looking for from a manufacturer's financial office when they are financing/leasing a vehicle? Leave your ideas in the Kinja below.


*Note: I will not state which manufacturer I work for due to privacy and non-disclosure agreements.