This isn't funny anymore.

I know that government shutdowns are relatively common in the US, after all, that’s how your government is meant to work.

But using a shutdown as a political tool, geez, it seems to me like something that will become more and more common with time. Its been 42 years since the current appropriations law entered into effect and there have been 19 government shutdowns.


Thats also known as one every 26 months.

As far as I can tell, only three shutdowns before have been due to political positions and not actually spending: Bush Sr. raising taxes, Clinton keeping certain spending programs, and Obama with DACA and the ACA. Now its Trump...

And its probably about something that I’d deem racist or xenophobic (both?) or very, very stupid.

I might be foreign to the situation, I know your government still works (if perhaps behaving like the trial version of a computer program) and you’re safe, army is funded, police is funded, emergency services do work. I bet even DMVs work, well, marginally as always.


In the end I just feel like this will be more common all the time as it has transcended its original purpose of just forcing congress to show up the money (or the debt ceiling nowadays) and pay for their shit. This because Carter apparently didn’t have a grasp of how money works.

Which will hurt a lot of people, not rich people, not poor people, not coal workers or fast food workers.... Its gonna hit the people that make the country work. You guys pay taxes and these people are meant to have some of that money.


I don’t see Paul Ryan or Nancy Pelosi pinching pennies to keep their homes heated during the winter because they had to go on a forced furlough over very stupid political arguments. While shutdowns tend to be short, who knows. Your President is not a particularly charismatic or reasonable man and I fear that it will show by having a very stupid shutdown that might be a week or a month long... these days who knows? Everything is unpredictable now a single tweet, a sting of computer code so simple even I could understand it, will hurt hundreds of thousands of people.

Not all government shutdowns are dumb, I can see merit in each one of them save for Clinton’s and Trump’s, and my real concern is seeing that these are turning into political tools.

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