I took my 135is out of storage! The exhaust is one of my favorite things about it. Yes, it's stock. So here's a video of a 135is press car's exhaust because I don't feel like trying to make a better quality recording.

(The 135is unlike its replacement M235i has no fake exhaust noise through the stereo fuckery. It does come standard with the M Performance exhaust that's a dealer option on the 135i. So it's ok to have fart pipes if it came that way. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

I fixed a flickering LED angel eye bulb, which had cropped up before I put it away before winter, but I didn't deal with it before putting it away. Turned out just the bulb wasn't fully clicked into the socket. Yay.

I did some little bits of interior and under-hood cleaning, and reset the clock to daylight savings time. Re-paired my phone to the bluetooth—I had done a factory reset on the phone, not the car's fault. Hoo boy lots of work I tell ya.


I'm driving around with my jump start box juuuust in case. I fully charged it a couple days ago. But so far it's started up no problem the 4 times I drove today after taking it out at like 3 pm.


Still adjusting after only driving my Jeep for the last 3+ months. I'm already driving like much more of a jerk, and accidentally catching myself going 15 over in places I really shouldn't. But I am still mostly using my blinkers, despite being a douche in a black BMW.



This is my car.