The incompetence of dealership service is unbelievable.

My father's F-150 had the CEL come on. After a scan I was able to determine the problem was that the #1 O2 sensor had failed. Since it is still under warranty I called the dealer nearest to my office to make an appointment to have it changed. My conversation was as follows:

"Hi, I'd like to make an appointment to have the #1 O2 sensor replaced under warranty for my Father's F150. I work at 9am and I'd like to have it changed before work, would that be possible?"

"No problem, come in next Wednesday (10 days from then) at 7am and it'll only take about an hour"

So this morning I was there at 7 and the truck was taken into the shop right away. Two hours later he comes out to tell me:

"We have determined that the #1 O2 sensor is faulty in your truck and it needs to be changed. The part should be in by Friday and it will be $100 for the deductible on this warranty. Also we notice you need an air filter so that will be another $65."



Where do I begin?

#1. I told you it needed an O2 sensor, why wasn't the part ordered last week.

#2 What have you been doing for the past 2 hours?

#3 Why were you looking at the air filter? I'm sitting here with you not doing the work I came in for and you make me even later for work to look at the air filter?!


I went to the auto parts store next to my office, bought it for $59 and changed it at work in the parking lot in about 15 minutes at lunch.