Check out what appears to be a very cherry FZJ80 with the Lockers (see description) going for a reasonable $7900.

(this was sold to somebody, hopefully somebody who did their homework first)

You are bidding on a 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser with excellent history!! 1 Owner, no accidents, 43 service records on carfax report(posted below) Green on Beige Leather, all wheel drive with factory center locking differential and optional very desirablefront and rear locking differentials!! ice cold AC(new compressor and fan clutch) 7 passenger 3 row seating.. nice truck although not perfect by any means.. paint is clean and mostly original and shows well with minor chips and nicks.. interior shows cracking and wear to include wear spot on top of steering wheel, antenna inop, power seats move up and down and recline correctly, but, require effort to get forward, one rear window inop, has minor oil leaks, older Michelin tires showing excellent thread, runs and drives great..
this LC is solid with no accidents noted on carfax below.

the 92-97 land cruisers are known as the most capable off road vehicle ever made, with the factory military style running gear and bullet proof Toyota straight 6 cylinder engine, known as the 500,000 mile motor.. clean, unmodified, well serviced examples are getting harder and harder to find..

The only problem? it’s a lie. First, let’s The lockers claim, it’s well known that having this option is an automatic +$1000 to the price of a used it’s reasonable to call it out and to demand more for it.


Its mentioned in the ad, and it certainly appears to have them except that switch sure looks newer than the rest, if only we had the door car, then we’de know for sure and wouldn’t you know it?


The highlighted Door card shows “K292" which is the code for the NON-LOCKED axles (K294 = Locked, as seen on mine), and inspecting the axles, there is a noticeable lack of differential actuators on either one.


While were down here let’s take a second to appreciate the complete and hasty respray of the entire underside including steering knuckles, power steering cooler and what appear to be the brakes. Nothing suspicious there...

Yup, no evidence of rust-covering overspray here on the headers either...

The motor has also been given a once over with the armor-all. No those aren’t new wires, just glossed up. (there is nothing wrong presenting a clean engine, just making a case that this was worked over to be presented to sell)


When the dealer was asked about the lockers, he said “if you win the bid I’ll put it on a lift and you can see for yourself”. At that point...its too late so what does he care. Classy

Look I don’t know who got duped here, the dealer or the original seller but someone is being seriously dishonest here.


Keep a sharp eye on used cars oppo, especially ones that seem too good to be true.