This list is looking very close to complete...and pricey

The $950 Miata is getting very close to being a real life car. I’ve gotten nearly everything on my list done - including the debugs that I’ve had to add along the way.

As I mentioned yesterday, the clutch job produced 1 issue (stuck in reverse) and made me very sensitive to another (the sticking-closed throttle). I was able to iron out both of those in about an hour tonight. The whole stuck in reverse was easy - the reverse sensor was too far into the trans. I added a rubber o-ring to back it off (waiting on the actual correct crush washer) and now it shifts in/out just fine.

The sticky throttle was a bit more of a challenge. There was a lot of carbon buildup on the throttle body butterfly. I cleaned that and also used some wire cable grease on the actual cable. I noticed that the cable wasn’t easily slipping in/out of it’s sleeve. After I did the throttle body side, I stick my head into the footwell and holy mother of bigfoot - what the hell is that?


The previous owner was a dog person. It looks like her last 3 decades of dogs had used the pedal box as a scratching post.There was hair wrapped around hair wrapped around springs wrapped around hair. BLEGH. I cleaned it out (with gloves, thank you) and greased things up down there.

I took it for a ride tonight and it’s freaking fantastic. I soooooo slow but hilarious. Full throttle all the things. It’s hilarious be completely flat and have to look down to see if you’re actually gaining RPM.

Including car and tools, I’m sitting at about $7.3k and 127 hours spent on this project. Definitely a labor of love and learning over this last 4 months. I’m happy to now be getting past fixing things and into driving experience improvements. A new steering wheel is high on the list. The NA6 stock wheel is awful. At 10/2 or 9/3, I find that I accidentally tap the horn.

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