This makes me never want to work on a car ever again

A few months ago I decided to replace the entire brake system on my 300d because of a leaking seal between the master cylinder and booster and seizing caliper pistons. This didn’t go as planned for many reasons. Firstly, the auto parts store kid forgot to actually place my order and I waited 4 days for nothing. Then he ordered the wrong rotors and they didn’t fit, then one of my brand new calipers didn’t come with any threads for the brake line, so after 4 complete dissasemblies and reassembles I decided to give up for a while and deal with the sticking caliper. This week I finnaly decided to dive back in so I rush ordered a caliper so it would get here in time for me to work on it this Saturday. Turns out the parts guy ordered the wrong side AND brand. I want to kill myself


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