EDIT to fix time on post... ugh, drafts, kinja, etc.

I hope all you fathers had as good a day yesterday as I did! I got to go mountain biking with some other dads in the morning, then spent the afternoon at the lake with my kids, and had my parents over for dinner.

There were a couple of things that happened, though, that set off the day in particular.

Thing 1: I lost my cell phone somehow through the following (speculative) sequence of events. Helping my daughter into her car seat in the truck, I must have put my phone on the step on the side of the bed. I NEVER do stuff like that, but I was distracted I guess. I won’t even put a coffee cup on the roof for a minute. ANYWAY it fell off the step on the road on the way home, whereupon someone apparently picked it up. I went looking for it for over an hour, driving and walking around on the roads until it was dark.

Then, as I’m going to bed around 11:00 feeling defeated, I get an email from the semi-helpful* Lost Phone feature of iphones. “Your phone has been found near (street address)“ which was a neighbor of my parents. No kidding. So I stopped by this morning on my way to work, and the woman answers the door, “Hey how are you? Missing something?” She hands me the phone and it wasn’t even scratched. Big huge win on that one.


*I say semi-helpful because when I activated the I Lost My Phone feature, it could only tell me my phone was offline. No “last known location” or anything, which I guess means they’re not always collecting location data for that purpose, but still, I live in an area of spotty service so this was not helpful.



Thing 2:

I’ve been shopping for a new boat for years, casually - the way most enthusiasts are constantly trolling Craigslist for deals on cars they like.


Finally last week a boat appeared that checked literally all my boxes, so to speak. It has every option I’d want. There are some things I’d rather do without, but it’s better to have a few things I don’t want than to try and add certain things later; that can get expensive and/or difficult.

The boat is even a good set of colors, and an unusual combination at that. It’s the most desirable year of the model for its entire run, at least that’s the consensus view among enthusiasts.


But of COURSE there’s a catch.

Drum roll....... I bet you can guess! It’s way out of my price range. But then I may have mentioned this fact in certain company yesterday, who made it clear that the price shouldn’t be an obstacle if it comes down to that. So this week I am going to look at something I’ve pined over since I first saw one about 17 years ago, and it might all come together to actually own it.


The same is true for my car, actually; in 2000-2001 when BMW first introduced the E46 325xi wagons, I loved them and desperately wanted one but I was a poor college student. Well, in 2009 I finally was able to grab one, and I’ve loved it. In that case, I benefited only from BMW depreciation and picked one up for chump change compared to new prices.

Purchasing something you’ve had an eye on for a decade or more is something you’re unlikely to regret. So I may be taking a big leap here but I’ve done my homework, I will be thorough in my inspection, and I will not* let emotion make this decision for me. (*probably not. no promises)


More to come. I hope.