Today after work on this exceptionally nice day, I walked past the crown vic on the way to get the mail as I do every day. This time though, something felt different. I decided to start it and maybe take a quick trip around the block since it hadn’t been run since I got back from the Detroit Auto Show.

17 years (5.5 in my ownership) and 205,000 hard miles have run their course

Alas, crank, no start. Turned the key off and on, the fuel pump was not priming; I checked the valve on the fuel rail, no pressure. Jumped the relay, paperclip got hot. Still no pressure. I even banged on the tank with some 2x4, but the pump would not pump.


The extreme cold may have finally killed the unkillable crusty rusty trusty P71. Or it was well-timed for the “get home from Detroit” and took until now to find out.

Happier times, after returning from the NAIAS (I then shoveled the driveway, hence the snow on the rear wheel). The careful observer will note it has not moved from this position in the above photo.

While I don’t need it (the 4Runner is fine), I was planning on taking it to the airport for an upcoming work trip since it is great at being abused, including sitting in airport parking lots. Unfortunately, further troubleshooting will have to wait until warm weather returns (it got dark).

It’s got a full tank of gas (20gal), too.

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