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This Might Be The One

I’m looking for a non-roadworthy truck to plow my driveway. Roadworthy just drives the price up and I don’t need another on-road vehicle.

Here’s the latest candidate - a 2000 F-350, gas V8. Body rust. Seems to be in working order, just won’t pass inspection. Asking just under $2k, that’s pretty reasonable. 


Looks kind of like it had a hard life, but I really don’t care that much. If it runs well enough not to be a hassle, it could prove to save me money over paying someone else to plow the driveway, especially if it’s for more than just this winter. Not to mention, there are often advantages to plowing at a particular time, depending on the storm - and sometimes the best time is later, rather than sooner, like when it rains after a bit of snow.

Anyway. I might have to convince a friend with a trailer to go look at this with me. He knows a ton about Ford trucks, too, but perhaps just as important, he could help me get this one home.

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