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This might be the worst lap I've ever seen a publication publish. It hurts my soul.

Sweet merciful god, was this the first time this driver had ever been on a track or drove this car? I didn’t see a single apex hit. If you can see the apex through the window of a camera mounted on the right side of a helmet, you’re missing it by 10+ feet. Multiple instances of sitting on the rev limiter (1:06 was egregious). Not downshifting, early upshifts one second, rev limiter the next. Late braking on some corners, slow approach on others. Using automatic shifts in Corsa would have cut 4-5 seconds off the lap, at minimum. Getting someone with a modicum of track/lap experience would have shaved a good deal more. I just can’t get over how garbage this lap is...and flabbergasted that they would use it as their representative lap. During one of the exterior shots he almost puts it in the wall.  Gah.

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