I hit some black ice on a freeway on ramp.

It was a right hand sweeper that I usually take at about 70 mph. This morning was cold and the road looked slippery so I was doing about 35 mph. My car went completely sideways with the ass end out to the left. I was laughing maniacally whilst oppolocking out of the turn like a boss. The car behind me didn't fare so well. When I looked in my rear view I saw a blue minivan skidding off onto the shoulder. Thankfully I noticed they did not crash.

About a quarter mile after my oppo incident there was a truck turned on it's side. The driver must have hit the second ice patch at the entrance to the freeway. It looked like a yard sale as it was a roofers truck with ladders and construction shit all over the place. All in all it was a fun trip to work this morning.