This old guy gave us a scare

This is Marmalade, named by my sister when she was 4. He’s 16, but only started acting like it recently. Lately he’s been very picky about his food, only eating canned tuna or salmon, no dry or wet cat food. He’s also been getting directionally confused, and went missing for a day about a month ago, we found him only a block away, seemingly unable to find his way back home. We deemed it a fluke, since for most of his life, he’s roamed the whole neighbourhood, being seen by people we know almost 2kms away.

On Saturday morning, he seemed groggy, and didn’t want any food. That’s not unusual, so we left for the day. It’s not unusual for him to be gone for a while, so we didn’t get concerned till the next day. We walked around looking for him, talked to neighbours, and called shelters. By today I was worried that he was dead, who knows where, and we’d never know. Anyways, he came home while my girlfriend and I were both at work, and fell asleep. When we woke him up, he seemed to be in really rough shape. We took him to the vet, they said he was very dehydrated, and took blood and urine so they can see if anything else is wrong. After being rehydrated at the vet, he seems more normal, and curled up like he usually does.


I’m very relieved, I was trying to prepare myself to say an uncertain goodbye to a cat I’ve known for most of my life, but that might not be the case just yet. He’s not out of the woods, they’re suspecting he has kidney problems, but at least he’s not lost who knows where and dying alone. Trying to let myself be hopeful about him being around a while longer.

I might write a more coherent post later about him, this one is pretty much typing things as I think them.

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