unburdened by modern emissions tech...of any kind, really. It doesn’t really go brap.

...and encouraged by lapped valves, a 3 angle port/polished head and oversized pistons. And a GT3076R. Blemished as it is on the outside it feels great to drive on the inside. I’m glad I got it back on the road.

Just testing the new DSLR but


this just reminded me how badly I need a new horn. It literally sounds like a clown car. I can’t help but laugh hysterically every time I press that button and can’t imagine anyone would take me seriously if I used it in anger. For your entertainment this will be posted before it gets replaced by Hella supertones or something.

Speaking of Hella I just had these 1k’s installed on custom mounts and they definitely work as intended!


To review the lights I’ll show you her zip stitched mug Wednesday after we get some snow and I go back to the seasonal roads.