Two (mostly aesthetic) needs my 2009 Miata has include a replacement top and new front bumper cover and both will arrive around the same cost of about $1000. Which should I do first?

Small boi at work
Small boi at work

I’d be upgrading the OE vinyl top with a Robbins canvas top, so it’ll be a nice upgrade there. The front bumper was repainted at some point in the car’s life and the paint match isn’t even close. It’s a much brighter white than the stock Marble White on the rest of the car. My plan with any NC I bought would be to upgrade the front bumper cover to that of the NC3 Club, which looks like this:

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I think it modernizes the car nicely and since I have a NC2, it requires less parts than the NC1 for the conversion. It’ll net me an updated car and a paint matched bumper.

I patched the top with a vinyl repair kit and since it’s parked in covered parking that’s not a huge deal, but a new top would be a nice upgrade to the car. Additionally, the updated bumper would be a nice upgrade as well. My wife has approved the top and I think would approve the bumper in lieu of the top. I strongly doubt she’d be in enough of the holiday spirit to let me do both!

Which would you pick?

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