This orange with wheels is taking me across Atlantic Canada. AMA.

Hyundai Elantra with only 12k km on the clock. It’s already taken us through New Brunswick and PEI. Nova Scotia and Newfoundland are left.

It’s woefully underpowered (compared to my DDs) but still a fine car for getting from A to B. It handles the patchwork these provinces call roads fine enough and feels light - fairly compliant in the twisties and not hard to toss around. Steering is way too light though. It supports Android Auto which is way better than any nav system I’ve used before.


A gear drop is required to accelerate at highway speeds. I leave it in manual mode for that very reason because it takes some time for the car to figure that out on its own. 4th is needed for passing.

Bonus decent condition Prelude I saw today!

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