He says he bought it in 1960 for $2,300. In 1960 the median US annual income was about $3,000. Those days have to be gone right? I mean the average income in the US currently is $51k (which seems high but wikipedia is infallible) and I can’t imagine picking up a 5-year-old Ferrari 458 GTLM race car for $34,000.

The days when these multi-million-dollar classics were just used cars boggles me. I can’t imagine any 5-15 year old car that the average man could buy now would appreciate to those levels and be that special. My only hope is that the interests of collectors will modernize to recognize classics of the 70’s and 80’s and subsequently the prices of 60’s cars would lower.

I realize that blue-chip stuff like GTO’s and Miuras will always be top-dollar, but hopefully the market will come down to my reach. Sigh. I’m going to sadly look through 70’s newspaper ads for $2,000 300SL’s and $4,000 Miuras.