Black ice means go faster than the car next to you. Gotta show that guy in a Civic next to you that he is no match for your Brorado.

There are multiple brake lights and hazard lights ahead so I'll just keep driving as fast as I can to get there and then slam on the brakes in the last second.

Ermergerd my Corolla spun out. I am just gonna leave it parked diagonally in the middle of the highway and run away so more people can crash into it.

We just spun out onto the shoulder. Lets just leave our cars all over the place even though they are able to move and watch more cars spin out into us. I am looking at you Mr. Crown Vic. This isn't the Abu Dhabi. We are not here to watch Arabs drift down public highway.

Cars are spun out all over the place and people are slowing down so I am just gonna lay on the horn since my summer tires can't stop in time.