So I go on Jezebel every so often. Today, I read this story:

I'm not a US citizen. If I was, I wouldn't just be outraged, I would be a seething cauldron of anger. I would go to my local senators and congressmen and demand that they do everything they can to get some heads rolling... particularly the judge who should have known better. And that would be a starting point... followed by a letter writing campaign and getting in touch with this boy's family.


For the Americans reading this, if you're interested in petitioning for getting rid of a terrible judge, I found the lawyer/substitute Judge's contact info... the very same Judge that granted the warrant needed to do this:

H. Jan Roltsch-Anoll


I called the number just to test it... it's real.

And that number listed goes to a law firm named "Zelnik and Ericson"

And I got it from this list of substitute judges:…

And this is her linkedin:…

And this her page on the law firm website:…

Even though I'm not American, I generally like Americans and I feel you all deserve better than a lawyer/substitute judge like the "honourable" Jan Roltsch-Anoll.