This Post: Fueled By GASOOOOLINE

The quintessential first world California problem right now.

The power is out, again. The wind is blowing, but not as hard as it did the other day. I had 60 mph gusts at my house, being on top of a ridge. The kids trampoline was found one-hundred and fifty feet from origin and stuck on the corner of my 11kw solar array...

This post is being brought to you by the sweetness of 91-octane and a Cummins-Onan generator. NOT the pictured Cummins-Onan P2500i. That one CAME BROKEN IN THE BOX. A second, larger Cummins-Onan P9500df came last week just in time for this shitshow. It is currently powering this post.

Some large knuckle dragger smashed the plastic spark plug boot on too hard at the factory...

Never thought I’d be living my grandfather’s lifestyle of wanting a gasoline (or diesel) engine attached to everything I own... but here we are...

I’ll be back when it doesn’t cost $4.50 a gallon to write these articles.

I’m buying stock in Generac tomorrow. Bahahah!

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