So finally it looks like I might be very slowly baby-crawling up to some semblance of a career right now. That said the pace is agonizingly slow, there’s no guarantees, the anxiety is thick af to the point where I’ve had a nightmare or two about it over the past few days and I have no idea if or when I’ll see any disposable income, but that’s not really the point of this post, that’s just background. The real point of this post is that one of the things I’d like to do with said disposable income is actually get into some Oppo-related activities like buy a project car.

Ripping off token_liberal!

Very high on my list is a second-gen Camaro, I originally wanted a 70-74 but after talking with people about it on Oppo like t_l I’ve decided if I really want a split-bumper that bad just get whatever model year is convenient and I’m going to be replacing the rear quarters anyway and I don’t care about originality (maybe I’ll get two ‘79s because despite the derpy front polymer bumper it has its charms too in a late 70s kind of vibe). The reason why I don’t care about originality is because I want to do some extreme things to it - like swap out the entire front clip, trunklid and door skins for fiberglass or even carbon-fiber repops for weight distribution (yes I bought into all the Miata/BMW hype and am obsessed with 50/50 now) and put a twin-turbo Nissan VQ/VR37 in it (not so much for just being unique and putting a JDM engine in an American pony car as so much as, again, I’m hoping that V6 will help with weight distribution while keeping big-block power on-tap. I thought about putting in a GM Atlas I6 in there but it turns out it won’t fit and it’s not much lighter than iron-block GM I6s). Needless to say that’s going to involve a lot of skill I might never end up acquiring.

But then I rewatched the episode of Wheeler Dealers where they do a four-door Bel Air, and despite the apparent “truthiness” problems of the show it seems like something that might be doable, especially since four-door ‘57s are quite affordable.


Or motorcycle, whatever.