This post might enrage some

It’s been six months since the last time the oil was changed, and the car has not shown no symptoms of over-filling or under-filling, so I didn’t really check it.

But, after Long Voyager complained about modern cars consuming too much oil; I checked the oil level for my car to a not very nice surprise.


Yes, the dealers don’t even understand how much oil the car needs aaaaand, they overfilled it. Although there have been no indications that there’s way too much oil (there’s no CEL, no smoke, no strange noises, oil temp and pressure is fine, so is engine temp) other than the venerable dipstick.

So, time to search for an independent shop, and to explain my displeasure in great detail, perhaps at an elevated tone, to the techs at Kia through the phone.

Use the comment section below to call me a baad, baaaaaad owner for not realizing until now, even if the dealer techs showed a couple of red flags.

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