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This raccoon eats better than I do

I stopped by to visit, and we looked at some photos of my grandfather in WWII. He signed up early and stayed late, working S&R operations across Europe. Upon coming home, he became an Electrical Engineer and after starting a family devoted most of his life to peace-building with the Presbyterian church across the world. With almost 200 countries under his belt by the end—a large number of which were either active war zones or nations rebuilding after natural disasters—I really regret how little I asked him about his life.


Anyways, my 91 year old grandmother has been feeding the local wildlife since I was barely walking, and if anything she’s only gotten more adamant about it in the years following my grandpa’s death. That’s cat food and rice that was “too spicy”, brought to her by a neighbor. Hopefully the neighbor doesn’t notice!

I realize feeding raccoons isn’t exactly a great thing to do, but I’ll be damned if the babies aren’t some of the cutest little critters you ever will see.

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