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There’s hardly any personality with the new Kinja layout. When the first few sentences of the post were excerpted in the main feed, you could get a sense of what each story was about, and some of the style & mood of the poster was visible. Now it’s just picture, headline, and a bunch of whitespace. Honestly, it makes me want to visit this place less, since it’s now so much more clicking and waiting to find the posts I’m interested in. But I’m sure they’re happy with it because they’ll get a short-term pageview boost.

I’m sad that they seem hell-bent on forcing this awful layout on us. I could live with images above the titles if they still had post excerpts. I encourage everyone who feels the same way I do to file a Kinja issue expressing your dissatisfaction with the new layout. Oppo is Kinja’s most active community site, so if enough of us complain maybe they’ll get the message. I don’t want it to happen because enough of us spend less time here or outright leave.


The other thing that sucks is that now I’m getting logged out every time I go back to the main page, including when I click on the next page button. This makes it extremely frustrating & time-consuming to stay logged in on my phone, which is the main way I browse Oppo. Anyone else seeing that?

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