This Robert Kraft thing will be interesting...

I don’t care if he did or didn’t...none of my business. Nor is it the governments in my opinion but that’s another conversation. Only here because I’m curious to see what the NFL does and what you guys think they should do. We know what happens if this is a player, he’s cut...period. We have somewhat of a similar situation with Jim Irsay a few years ago and his briefcase full of pills or whatever it was. But this is a very prominent NFL figure in the midst of a dynasty, seems to me there will be more curiosity and light on the case...especially from those that hate the Patriots. I’m already sick of hearing their shit and I haven’t heard it yet. I’m not a Patriots fan.

Anyway, this could open a can of worms for the NFL. What can they do to him other than a fine? Suspension? They have to take some meaningful action right? A player would lose a great deal, especially if he was an average player. What say you oppo?

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