High miles, but interior is in fantastic shape, exterior looks solid, both conditions seem to be rare on these online... Looks well cared for, but of course it’s a ‘92 because ALL SC400s for sale are that old... I prefer the facelifted version, also would prefer 5 less years of wear and tear, but damn, this one looks great. I also am much more in love with the six-spoke wheels than these, but sacrifices must be made.

Would prefer less miles and such, but if I can get one in good shape for less than 4k I think that’s a NP all day... Because ones with less miles and a few years younger seem to go for a huge premium.

It’s been up for a while but it’s also a pretty far drive for me... But with some time off coming soon as a result of the Holidays, I guess I could make a trip down to test my luck.