I noticed this when taking the trash out to the curb this evening...

There is water coming out of my front yard. I have a well so it isn’t a line to my house. The neighbor does too, so it’s not his line either (would be in a dumb spot if it was). There is nothing nearby which has any business being plumbed. It’s far enough from the street (under which is the water main) that I really doubt it’s from the main, though if it’s still at it in the morning I’ll probably call the city for them to investigate the possibility. The water is clean and doesn’t smell like sewer (also isn’t near the hookups). Nobody around here has sprinkler systems.

In the way that you do, I stuck my hand in the mysterious water source and it’s coming from a hole about 1" across which I’m pretty sure didn’t used to be there. Being near the ditch I’m kind of hoping there’s a long-forgotten drain tile from my perpetually-swampy backyard-corner but I doubt it.


Update ~6pm Monday:

This morning when I left for work I looked and it had stopped (was no standing or flowing water in the ditch); when I got home I looked and can’t find any evidence of a hole or anything of the sort, just mud and grass as I’d expect to find. Weird. Should have jammed a stick in the ground or something to mark where it was.