Been off Oppo lately, mainly because my old Iphone and iOS won’t let me post from my phone anymore. But anyways, here’s my list of cars ranked (been driving as an adult since 2010)

#7 2010 Maxdaspeed 3 (2010-2013). It was a fun enough car, but the torque steer was overwhelming. Not a fan of the big, dumb grin on the front. I do like the practicality of hatchbacks though.

#6 2002 Dodge Viper GTS (2015-2016). Childhood dream car, but kind of a letdown. Daily drove for a year and 10,000 miles and just never had the fun with it I had with other cars. The speed was there and exhilarating, but just not the overall beast I thought it would be. Expensive and hard to find tires.

#5 Euro-spec 1986 Mercedes Benz 420SEC (2014). This was a gorgeous car and I thought it was very cool, but it drove like a tank and was almost as thirsty as one. I still think it’s one of MB’s prettiest designed cars. I only had it for about 6 months because I was able to flip it for twice what I paid for it.


#4 2008 Porsche Cayman S (2016-current). Great car, well put together and awesome handling. It’s my current daily driver when my wife isn’t driving it (she has to park on the street so doesn’t like driving it daily) or I’m not riding my motorcycle. I think it still looks incredible; most people that don’t know cars think it’s brand new. My biggest problem with this car is it’s just so composed that it’s never really an event to drive it just makes me feel like an adult.


#3 1990 Rover MINI (2014-2015). Indisputable proof that a slow car fast is more fun than a fast car slow. The RHD was quirky and made me feel special, especially when my dog sat in the left seat. Every stoplight resulted in people taking pictures. It was super fun to drive and surprisingly reliable. I think everyone should own a classic mini at least once.

#2 2006 Lotus Elise (2013-2015). This is the car that effectively turned me into a car enthusiast. The Lotus community is awesome. It’s actually an easy car to learn to tinker on. The handling was incredible, as everyone knows. It has ruined handling for me though, as no car I’ve ever driven since has been even close to as fun. The curves and angles on the car resulted in many visits to the garage just to stare and smile. Definitely not fun for more than a couple hundred miles though.


#1 2008 Toyota Camry. Man, I love this car. My wife got it brand new when she was in college. This car has seen most of the states in the Union, many several times over. We’re at 140,000 miles and it’s been such a champ that my wife and I often pat the dashboard and say “good car, good car.” Never any problems at all. It has a huge trunk and a backseat for the pups. We spent Christmas break test driving cars and SUVs for a replacement and after the 25th test drive we couldn’t justify getting rid of the perfectly fine Camry. It’s “boring” and pretty slow, sure, but it’s not really as bad as everyone says. I actually enjoy driving it sometimes. All the cars above I’ve sold to get into something different, but the Camry keeps its place in the garage with pride. In 6 years of marriage I’ve lived in 4 different states and 7 houses; it’s been the one thing that has been a wonderful, worry-free constant.