1. The FIA issues a purportedly plainly-stated, easy to understand regulation.

2. Every single team on the grid except for Force India manages to comply to the letter of the law. Force India doesn’t even come close.

3. The FIA issues Force India a nominal fine that it states up front isn’t a fine that they ever expect to collect on but rather simply serves as official documentation that the FIA expects teams to comply with the reg because the FIA is large organization that has rules and procedures and simple nudges and winks won’t suffice.

4. Force India responds that they’re perfectly fine with the non-fine and that they understand the FIA and it won’t be an issue moving forward.

I know Stef is very well liked around here and I include myself in the group that enjoys her non-F1 work, but holy shit this is the third or fourth F1 issue in the 2017 season that she’s attempted to blow a rather small thing out of proportion and I don’t get it.