I’ve stayed out of new vehicles.

Our 2018 is already developing 2 issues. One is common and covered under warranty, the other I’m currently researching, but it looks as though it’s one of those “within spec” things so many manufacturers are doing these days.

Problem 1: The leading edge of my hood is already starting to bubble. What the actual fuck? A 1 year old vehicle already starting to rust?


Problem 2: When we started it up Saturday morning, we were greeted by a plume of blue smoke rolling out the back. Really? Burning oil at 51k miles? According to Mopar, 1 qt every 500 miles is normal under aggressive driving, 1 qt every 750 miles under normal use. Are you for fucking real? If any of my 25+ yo vehicles use more than 1/4 qt between oil changes I’m looking for a fucking issue!

The best part of problem 2, if the engine goes due to being low on oil, it’s not covered under warranty!

The oil consumption BS seems to be a deal across the board for manufacturers and I’m not sure why people have just accepted it, I run 5w20 in the Acclaim, which has around 230k miles on the motor, that uses 1/2 qt between changes if I’m running it really hard, I never have to add oil between changes.

Needless to say, I’m seriously thinking about dumping this new van and just sticking with my old stuff.

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After checking the oil again at work, I found the dealer must have overfilled it when they did the oil change as even after the giant plume of oil out the back, it still reads over full on the dipstick. So hopefully that’s all it was and it will be fine once I drain some out to the proper level.


Called the dealer about the hood bubbling, Mopar is covering a new hood/repaint, so that will be getting fixed next week.

Hopefully the oil was just a too full thing and it will be fine now, if not I’m not sure we’ll be keeping it much longer.

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