The 2010-2013 Camaro was made available with throwback steel wheels that included trim rings. Anyone who thought this was a bad idea is dumb and also stupid. They were the perfect look for the car, and worked with the styling better than a lot of their more costly options.

There is nothing wrong with the car in the picture. It's beautiful. Unfortunately Chevrolet had a mild stroke and removed the steelies from 2014 on. Dumb move, GM. Dumb move.

It does however mean Dodge can step up. The 2015 refreshed Challenger looks better than ever, and what better way to show off than to offer their own throwback steelies? I think a set of these:

Mildly redesigned to fit over the brakes would just look tits on the new Challenger. Whaddya think Oppo? I think this should be a thing. Do you think this should be a thing?