This should be fun. [Update]

[Update] I made it, but I had to divert from the normal straight shot down I-10. The first delay was a crash on the Mississippi River bridge right in Baton Rouge. There’s a sneaky way around if the wreck happens in the usual spot just before the last entrance ramp onto the bridge. There was another wreck in Beaumont on I-10, but I was already diverting to avoid yet another wreck on I-10. When I exited onto US-190, there was a wreck at the very next light. I just missed witnessing that one! Somebody rear-ended a car, then drove away. The police were just pulling up, so I was lucky not to get caught when they shut down the road.

So, four wrecks in 300 miles and just a small delay. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been!


The great thing about Labor Day weekend is an extra day off. I did get an extra day, but now I have to make the trip back to Houston so I’m ready for another big day tomorrow. That means I get to drive through the weather!

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It’s currently pouring down rain where I live. It looks like I’ll get some clear weather for the next two hours, but it’s looking pretty nasty west of Lake Charles. If I’m really, really lucky, the rain will clear and there won’t be any wrecks along the way.

Wish me luck, Oppo!

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