With the Thanksgiving sales and an expiring gift card I bought myself an early present, a nice Dell 32 inch ultrawide, curved, 1440p, 165hz monitor.

This is a serious upgrade from my 2 HP 22" 1080 monitors. I have 3 22" monitors on my desk, I added a third recently as I needed an HDMI compatible monitor for all my IOT devices I tinker with and my main two were Display-Port.

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It got here a while ago but didn’t really want to hook it up to my GTX 1060 6gb which while it would probably be OK if I turned things down. So I found a Christmas deal on a RX 5700 for $280 so that should do nicely.

It’ll go in after work today and should be amazing!

I also bought a Logitech wheel and pedals to get into Assetta Corsa and eventually Flight Sims too once I pick up some gear for that.

PS - for those that care it’s pairing up with a Ryzen 5 3600 (running on a cooler from a buddy’s 3700x) overclocked nicely with 16 GB DDR3200 on an ASRock B450 board with 1TB NVME and a couple more large spinning disks for other misc storage.

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