I have to go to Salinas todat, but this is a new one on me. (Kind of). I have been retained with respect to a union organizing cannabis production, and I am doing a walk through of the greenhouses and trim shed, and meeting with the client on initial strategies. This is the first time for me to see commercial cannabis production on a large scale. I wish I had a van to roll up in.

California’s licensing law requires employers to sign neutrality agreements with unions. This is the California way now - silence opposotion to ensure victories for those with pals in Sacramento.

I am going to be happy when I finally leave this state. Both of my kids are drawn towards SoCal for music, and they just like it down there. Me, I’ve had enough. I am definitely voting for the three Californias plan. There is a deep discontent here for a variety of reasons, and while the initiative won’t win, I think it is going to do better than expected as a reflection of that discontent.