This Should Be Interesting

I’m pretty sure there’s a car under there.

This fall and early winter I noticed a blue Impala parked on the side of the road, which isn’t unusual as there’s an apartment building right there.


You can see how little room there is to park. Just on the other side of this building is a river, so there’s no way to expand the parking, either.

In the fall I couldn’t tell if it was being driven, but after the first few snowstorms, it was clearly not moving. Whatever’s wrong with it, isn’t fixing itself under all that snow.


Now it’s disappeared, but I don’t remember seeing it move. I do feel bad for whoever owns it, clearly they couldn’t get it running for winter and now it’s at high risk of being smashed by the plow as it wings back those snowbanks. In fact a few weeks back I saw a path shoveled to the driver’s door, but never got to see what happened before it snowed again. I think if it was gone, there’d be a dip in the bank, not a lump.

For Sale: 2004 Impala. 150,000 miles. Just needs a starter [or similarly simple-sounding repair]. Bring a shovel.

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