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This should make commuting interesting this week

While at least the freeway is open now, it still looks pretty ominous seeing this giant block of fire in the middle of the map between work and home. I suppose I’m lucky neither place has burned to the ground and I’m just complaining about first world problem. But I’m still concerned commuting is going to be hell for a while. My normal commute through the canyons is completely gone for weeks if not months. I should be able to at least take the PCH out to the not burnt roads eventually, but that will still be a bit seeing as the fire is still ongoing.


This bridge is smack in the middle of my commute and marks a choke point of sorts for the various canyons that I normally have used. Even once the fires are out and there is some sense of normalcy, that bridge is still going to be a pile of rubble. That might take a while to fix.. 

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