I’ve been thinking about putting something on the trunk of my car, in the lower right corner. I waver between “No, keep it clean” and “Yes, put something there.” Oppinions wanted!

Option 1 - Irony

Putting a real VTEC decal on is silly, of course. Of course a TL has VTEC. They all have VTEC. My TL isn’t a Civic, and even though I’m starting to feel some love for JDM, I don’t like rice and I’m not 19 and this isn’t 1998.

And hell, everybody has variable valve technology now, even the Corolla.

But yo, then I saw this decal, a reference to the famous 4chan meme, of course.

Option 2 - Traditional


The traditional thing to put in this quadrant is the displacement of the engine. Often its the OEM who puts it on. Granted, a 3200cc motor is nothing to really boast about (even though the displacement of a Honda motor doesn’t tell the whole story, of course).

The badge is available in chrome with black lettering or blue. Blue would suit the car well since its a base model, and those who are familiar with the 3G TL will know that one thing that separates the base from the Type-S is guage and interior light accent colours: red for the Type-S, blue for the base model. The color black would look better on the trunk lid, however, since it fits with the general color scheme back there, and I may one day repsray the badges to a glossy black or smoked chrome.


Option 3 - Let it Be

When I find myself in times of trouble, Opponauts, they come to me - speaking words of wisdom, let it be?


The TL is classified as a “near luxury” car. When new it was a shade under $40k. So it’s no S-Class, but it does have that luxury touch. So there is something to be said for just leaving it alone. You don’t see Mercs or Audis or Bimmers with anything on the trunk other than badge, model and, sometimes, trim level.

P.S. I’ve already put Oppo decals on the rear quarter windows, so putting on the trunklid is a bit much.


Option 4 - Something Else?