EDIT 2: Just so everyone can see how "totaled" the ZL1 was here ya go!

I think this needs to be seen. It's not my car nor is it my story in at all; but when I saw this on Facebook, I knew that this needed to be put on here so that everyone could see the sheer stupidity and pure rubbish that is going on in this world. This also may be the worst dealership story I've heard to date; so bad in fact that it may surpass any "VW Horror Story" I've read to date.


Anyway, short story is this: some Chevy dealership employee takes someones brand new ZL1 for a joyride, totals it and the dealer says it's not their problem.

"Dealer Wrecks Customer's 2012 ZL1 Camaro"


And here's the forum where all the actions taking place


If it were me, I'd raise all hell until they gave me a brand-new loaded 2012 ZL1

EDIT: Here's more on the story, if not, the same with more info.


Update: I just found the story on Yahoo News!


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