This stupid thing took 8 hrs of work to install and Die Antwoord show review

Crankcase fumes hose that sends oil fumes to the carb for the Fiat 124 Spider. My engine bay had been getting filled with oil fumes, and my air filter is shot after 500 miles. As you can see, one side of the hose has a far different diameter than the other. Of course... the hose manufacturer made both ends barely big enough to fit on the small connector. WTF.

A little crimped but not too bad. You can see how the hose contracts immediately after where it connects on the right side.
Note how it basically disappears at night— it’s recessed back in there quite annoyingly.

I progressively worked it larger using a variety of pens, cones, spark plug sockets, regular sockets, and finally a 13/16" spark plug socket, putting it in the freezer each time with the implement installed so that it would hold it’s shape before being installed on the next progressively larger object... Then, I spent an hour of hand-slicing work forcing it on far enough to get a clamp on it.

Meanwhile, I did my first oil change on the car myself, which of course required buying an obscure 12mm hex socket, a huge filter, and 15W-40 oil designed for diesel motors. Italian cars are weird, man... at least that was a quick 15 minute job.

I’ll try to force the hose on a little more when I replace the timing belt this winter.

In other news, I went to the Die Antwoord concert a couple weeks ago. Here’s a video from that:

Awesome show, a little more club-music-esque than their album material, lots of dancing, lights and theatrics, tons of candy ravers running about, got hit on during 30 seconds of standing outside for a smoke by myself (much to my wife’s dismay and anger)... great night!

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