Yes, it is possible to use a hooptie to do yard work!

I started last month thinking it would be a great idea to have a truckload of wood chips dumped in front of my house. Finally, I could provide some semblance of order to the dusty, weed-filled landscape known as my front yard. Even better, the massive quantity of mulch was completely free, courtesy of a neighborhood tree trimmer.


But, as usual, I did not think this through. Now I had a project. A huge project. And as a new father, with a demanding little monster kiddo in my life, there is little time for anything beyond poopy diapers. This problem pile of mulch proceeded to taunt me every day for the last four weeks.

My wife suggested I be sensible and hire landscapers. Instead, I did what any self-respecting car hoarder would do—survey my squadron of terrible hoopties and pick the most suitable vehicle for the task at hand. The $800 “Poobaru” Legacy was the perfect choice for some light landscaping work. And why not make a stupid video chronicling my morning:

Ultimately the Subie did prove to be a great mulch mover, however in retrospect, maybe I should have fashioned a plow out of the skid plate. And somehow I didn’t manage to annoy any neighbors. I think they were just confused.

Out of curiosity, anyone here ever get stuck or crash on your own property? Or do anything car-related that raises the eyebrows of your neighbors?


If you’d like to join me on my journey of trying to not suck at making videos, feel free to follow me here: :D

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