This Supercharged Lexus GS-F Exhaust Clip is a Middle Finger to the Critics

I just noticed that RR Racing has finished building the supercharger kit for the Lexus V8. The clip above is all exhaust but I promise you won’t mind. Take off your pants if you want to keep them clean and give this a quick listen. I always said that Lexus 5.0 V8 was an Italian engine with all the character and none of the fuss. Yukihiko Yaguchi is underappreciated in general.

I made a wild claim (as is my nature) that Lexus said, “Forget the Germans, we want Maserati!” The first step was exotic and distinct design and materials, whether you like it or not. Next was driving characteristics and grand touring prowess. The last step is bringing the top end of the model range up that next notch in the market.


I probably wont need to write a post supporting that argument but I think that once everyone starts driving the new LS the revelations will flood in. But come on, all of you must admit this is more badass than you ever never expected.

The only embarrassing thing is that the Google search results involving the GS F and supercharging kick up a post I wrote blasting the pricing of the car. I still stand by what I ranted!’s not as bad now that I realize Lexus was moving their top end towards Ghibli S rather than M5.


Hopefully, even though the next ES is supposed to replace the GS, the underappreciated RWD, reliable sports sedan — which Motor Trend still claims to this day is the best driving car in the segment — can have a revival as a high level four-door fastback.

Here’s that supercharger kit for the RC-F, GS-F, and I would assume the LC500 with a bit of luck.


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