My Uncle bought this exact vehicle (but blue) brand new in 91. I remember my cousin being so stoked on it. My uncle had just moved to the fancier part of Park City and wanted to take us off-roading in it. They had a 3rd party 3rd row installed for family duty. They replaced it with a suburban in 98 but kept it as the kid beater for YEARS. I think they finally got rid of it in 2005 with 300k+ miles. almost no seat leather left and the trailer hitch permanently rusted into the receiver. They were still using it to pull their ski boat to and from the local reservoir 2 days a week at high altitude up until the end. It was a total wreck but still ran.

I distinctly remember the stereo, the labels in the interior, the fold in mirrors and stopping to put it into 4wd with the bonus of reversing slowly to try and unlock the auto hubs. These old Isuzu’s were crazy tough. They also had floaty boaty suspension and practically no power.


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